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Bridal Shows- Be prepared!

January 8, 2018

I was an exhibitor at the DFW Bridal show this weekend and there are a few tips that Bride-To-Be's need to know before attending. 


* Bring a friend,bridesmaid, or your mom- just don't go alone, you may need to be rescued from some vendors that will not let you walk away.


* Wear comfortable shoes


* PRINT LABELS WITH YOUR NAME, WEDDING DATE, EMAIL, AND PHONE- most important!- You will not want to write this 200 times nor will it be legible after a few times.


* Create a wedding only email- you will get bombarded with emails- so don't let it clog up your personal or business. ALSO important, vendors may send out special and may get lost in the sea of personal or business spam already sent to your regular inbox. 


* Ask questions- lots of question, most vendors would love to educate you about their services and prices


* Go on an empty stomach to the LARGER shows because there will be lots of samples. 


* It may be cheaper to pre buy your tickets than at the door. Some shows offer their exhibitors free tickets so- ask around. 


* Always mark the marketing piece of the vendors you loved so when you go back the the million brochures you received- you know who you want to follow up with. 


* Be kind to vendors, this is their livelihood. If you do not need their service kindly say I have already booked my......  and give back the brochure they handed you, because it cost money to create those and you will just  throw it in the trash when you leave. 


* YES-- it is your day, but it is also a BIG DAY for the 1000 other brides there- be patient at the booths and just wait your turn. Everyone is important. 


* When you find a great vendor- you love them- BOOK with them because deposits talk and get you on their calendar! 








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Bridal Shows- Be prepared!

January 8, 2018

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