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Grad Bash 2017

July 25, 2017

As I am sitting in a quiet house with my oldest living on his own 2 hours away, my middle son heading off to the Army in about 6 weeks, and my baby graduated from high school last weekend and is on his senior cruise this week... silence is a little sad and exciting all rolled up into .. do I cry or party!  Either way... I loved being a parent and entering into a friend role instead of an authoritative role with be interesting.  


SO.... I had a lot of fun coming up with fun and creative ideas for Tyler's Grad Bash last weekend. I failed at doing videos of the process, but here are some pics of some of the easy ideas that you could incorporate into a graduation party of your own! Make it personal!  There were 3 things that I did for each one of my boys- 1) Memory t shirt blanket, 2) memory video 10-15 minutes long that is a snap shot from birth to high school, 3) scrapbook ... these can be used as a part of the decor or just as a gift.  


His memory blanket was used as the backdrop to his memory table at his party. I used clamps to attach it to the curtain rods and  then covered them with is garters.  I layered  and layered metals, photos, baby plush, and artwork until I though it looked finished. 




Here are a few smaller memory display options. 



THE PARTY!- I knew we would have quiet a few people over, but I did not have time to decorate a venue on the day of graduation with the party that night. SO, my house it is. My house is not big enough for 60-75 people. So I cleared off my driveway and put out patio furniture along with borrowed patio furniture from a friend, strung lights, rented a basketball game, made a giant jengo game, added a few tables under our back patio, and had space inside our living room, dining room, and play room. The addition of the driveway was THE BEST PART!!!    









 Adults like to mingle- kids like to play. Besides these outdoor activities, they played Spoons (epic and aggressive card game), poker, and bumper pool. 


Desserts- I of course did not take pics of my desserts, but I did desserts for HCA not too long ago and it would go perfect with my sports themed decor. Just use what you have in sports equipment to create a fun dessert table display! plus I love the 2ft ladders and crates for desserts.







Centerpieces- Simple centerpiece ideas- stacked books ( spray painted silver) with trophies from elementary or use sports jerseys mixed with metals, and other sports equipment,and photos.