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DIY Red Carpet Affair

July 25, 2017

I was super excited 2 years ago when my son started attending Heritage Christian Academy as a Junior. I volunteer A LOT! Over extending sometimes so his Senior year I could step back and really enjoy just being mom.   I volunteered to help with homecoming, but my favorite was prom. Every school goes through the same issues, limited budgets. I know that we wanted to give HCA the best Prom every. 


So with a very limited decorating budget of around $300-$400. Our Theme was "Red Caret Affair"- tickets will be sold for $55, no exceptions, $$ allotted for sit down meal and venue, photographer, and DJ.  Which did not leave us with much to work with.  SO... I decided that everyone needed to go through their home for things that we could use as a part of our centerpieces- Our colors were gold, crystal, and red-  items included candle holders, old lamp bases ( they did not have to work because we are going to transform them), mirrors, frames, chandeliers, vases, and lots of gold spray paint. 


We got together for a painting party and with about 15 moms started creating centerpiece designs with what everyone brought.  Then everything was paint gold!   We used crystal and jewel accents.  Any item that needed to be returned had names on it, or it was donated to the school. 


All lamp bases were transformed into floral bases. They worked out awesome! 


2 days before prom I picked up the greenery $200 and $100-so  for linens, and $75-so for misc floral supplies needed.  1 mom bought all the roses and dropped them off at my house.  I have a floral decorating party at my house.  I had 1 mom help do all of the bases and added all the greenery.  The day before Prom I had another are of 2 help me add all the roses to all of the centerpieces and DONE!  I spent 24 hours over 2 days creating all of the floral pieces, including fun floral accents on the over sized frames for the photobooth, signing table, and the bathroom. 


The best part is after the Prom with everything that parents donated to the school I was able to sell for approx. $400!!!   What a great way to end the year!  




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