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January 8, 2018

I was an exhibitor at the DFW Bridal show this weekend and there are a few tips that Bride-To-Be's need to know before attending. 

* Bring a friend,bridesmaid, or your mom- just don't go alone, you may need to be rescued from some vendors that will not let you walk away.

* Wear comfortable shoes

* P...

July 25, 2017

Finding the right base for a floral arrangement can be difficult. Many times it is too small, too tall, or right in the line of sight.  SO create one yourself.  Here is how...


1- 3"x3" wood piece

1- 6"x6" wood piece

1- spindle

paint color of choice- I went with an ivory color

Glue gun


July 25, 2017

This quick and easy centerpiece is with a few things that may be laying around your house.. and Done!